SaaS Based

The RTA SaaS based solution links up all the data from the whole supply chain. The data from each stage of supply chain could be well used for analysis and optimize the workflow. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity, reduce cost, and minimize risk by enhancing digitalization and automation.


Customer Pain Points

Our customers found that they didn't make good use of a large amount of business data collected from different channels. They also experience the following pain points:

  • Inefficient system interface and lead to inefficient workflow
  • Lost track of customer footpath and customer traffic flow decrease
  • No effective shopfront visual merchandise management
  • Replenishment is heavily relying on experience
  • High turnover inventory rate and inefficient use of warehouse storage
  • Fragmented database and information could not be well used


Our Solutions

RTA SaaS based solution comprises with a number of modules to cover the whole cycle of supply chain. Every stage in the supply chain is interconnected, our solution analyses all the data and optimizes the workflow and the business.

Client Classic Wins

Our client is a well-known convenience store who we have replaced their old system that they used for 20 years. Their system module was fragmented with different modules which led them to have extra workload and increase their cost. Our SaaS solution has connected all the stores and 3 distribution centers, it forms centralized management for customers, stores, supply chain, franchisees, warehouse, and logistics. The digitalization of the supply chain has optimized the workflow, the resources allocation, and the customer experience.