Point of Sale (POS)

RTA POS is a well-designed cloud-based system with rich function, excellent scalability, and a user-friendly interface. Our software could be customized for specific needs and adapt to different payment gateway. The system is well implemented in supermarkets, chain stores, or retailers. 


Customer Pain Points

Our client found that they were spending high costs to operate and maintain their POS without any extra value add.

  • High turnover rate for the frontline staffs and high training cost
  • Complicated interface, led to customers long waiting times to check out
  • Lack of promotional tool
  • Incorrect pricing after the change of price
  • Non real-time data transmission
  • Unstable network and system


Our Solutions

We offer a user-friendly interface that the system could be learned easily. Our system supports both touch screen, keyboard, or hybrid control panel and staff can adapt to the system. The system also supports self-service check-out, which can reduce pressure from the cashier. By combining with marketing strategy, it gives a great customer experience.

The cloud-based feature allows the system to synchronize with the service and transaction data could be shown in real-time. Cloud-based POS provides a fast and stable service even when heavy data usage circumstances. The POS could be deployed in a short time, the system will automatically update it software and no external server is needed at the store.


Client Classic Wins

We have successfully implemented RTA POS and service-check kiosks to a renowned supermarket in Hong Kong. The user-friendly interface of POS increases the cashier efficiency and reduces the training cost for staff.  The POS is integrated with the master ERP system and connects with online shop which real-time inventory could be well monitored.