Warehouse Management System (WMS)

RTA WMS is well designed for warehouse operation which inbound/outbound management, stock management, shipping/return management, stocktake, and production management. It is RTA self-developed SaaS based software solution which can improve merchants’ efficiency, lower manual efforts, save cost. It is easy to configure and capable of being scaled.


Customer Pain Points

Our clients often found that it was difficult to grow their business when they were stuck at the bottleneck of keeping track of their inventory and shipping data. This led them to miss millions of dollars business opportunities when they had:

  • Poor fulfillment efficiency
  • Poor inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Short of labor productivity and space utilization


Our Solutions

We offer an advanced WMS which includes features such as goods inbound, picking & packing inventory management and replenishment functions as well as various picking & packing strategies, integration with warehouse automation systems, advanced controlling, and reporting features.

Our WMS helps clients to manage numerous data systematically, minimizing the possibility of human error by simplifying the process of controlling warehouse and inventory. Real-time data streaming in recording accurate inventory levels.

Scalability and flexibility of configuration are the key success of our WMS, it leads our solution to be highly adaptable to different environments.


Client Classic Wins

Our WMS helps the clients to manage their inventory much faster, easier, and more efficiently. With real-time data streaming, our WMS provides quick and accurate information to the client and swift responses could be made.

Improving customer service satisfaction when our WMS improves picking accuracy by organizing and tracking shipments through automation.

Improving employee productivity when our WMS adds efficiency, consistency, and quality control to the process by optimizing the inventory flow.