E-Commerce O2O

The RTA e-Commerce O2O solution provides a one-stop e-Commerce solution for retailers. We provide a tailor-made mobile App that supports both scheduled and instant delivery. Our dedicated e-Commerce team provides professional digital marketing advisory to help our clients to grow both retail and O2O businesses.


Customer Pain Points

Some clients wanted to start their e-Commerce business, however, they found it is costly to develop a tailor-made App and time consuming for them to handle the site operation.

For the clients who have already got e-Commerce experience, they found their e-Commerce business was:

  • Not a synchronized system with the inventory system and led to lost track of stock level
  • Could not provide real-time data of sales and inventory
  • Not able to synchronize promotion offers with the physical stores
  • Sluggish customer support process


Our Solutions

RTA e-Commerce O2O solution offers a tailor-made e-Commerce mobile App with impressive user-interface design. The system can integrate with the cloud-based ERP system and provide real-time data of inventory level and sales performance. With the centralized management ERP platform, promotional offering and membership management could be easily handled and synchronized with the mobile App.

RTA has a team of e-Commerce professionals who manage to provide consultation and execution on digital analysis, site operation, design & copywriting and promotional campaigns to meet the specific needs of a business.


Client Classic Wins

RTA has launched an e-Commerce O2O application that supports both scheduled and instant delivery for one of the leading supermarket retail clients. Under RTA’s leadership and coordination, we have been able to achieve sustainable exponential growth. Our client saw a 5x month-on-month growth within one year after RTA assisted with the end-to-end setup and drove the sales and operations. In addition, RTA led the client to launch its first 11/11 and Anniversary Sales events, capturing market opportunities and mature e-Commerce trends. The results showed rapid exponential growth in sales and new user acquisition.