Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

RTA ERP solution integrates the online and offline systems, automates essential financial and operational business functions, and provides a single source of analyzed data which allows the workflow to be optimized and work could be assigned to the right party.


Customer Pain Points

Our client found their workflow was determined by their ERP rather the system was adapted to their workflow. It was costly for them to make any adjustments on the ERP. The ERP fails to adapt to the business due to:

  • The system was too complex, and staff struggled to operate it effectively
  • The restrictive system did not have the flexibility to alter any workflow
  • Different modules of ERP system did not “talk” to each other
  • The ERP system does not support online data or platform


Our Solutions

RTA ERP is based on a SaaS platform that emphasizes data-driven, unity of Online/ Offline platforms, and job allocation.

RTA ERP is able to analyze data that is input from different modules of the supply chain. It could automate the required process in the supply chain as well as calculate the ultimate options for discussion making.

The system connects both online and offline platforms which allow data to be synchronized, real-time data could be shown for assigned users. The system supports both the E-Commerce platform and retail shop, allows centralized management of pricing, merchandise, inventory, and promotion.

The system allows management to have a centralized platform to manage job allocation. A consistent message could be passed along to the right department and a swift response could be made for any incident.


Client Classic Wins

Our client is a well-known supermarket we have replaced their fragmented ERP system with RTA ERP solution. It connects the whole supply chain to a centralized management system as well as their Online and Offline business.  The system increases productivity and diminishes any mistakes caused when transferring data from the different systems manually. It reduces cost and increases overall sales by 40%.